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Small Home Decor Ideas



small_home_decor_ideasDecorating small home needs special care and attention as you cannot experiment much with little space. But with little efforts and technical considerations can transform tiny place into spacious one. Small home decorating ideas are a guide to teach you how to make your small space equally appealing and beautiful as that of large bungalows only need is to create space illusion that you can easily by just following these simple and best small home décor ideas.

  • Furniture selection for small home decor

Furniture is the major factor that makes a place spacious or occupied. So, select furniture accordingly whenever you have to decorate small space. Avoid bulky sofas, large drawer chests, huge bed and tables as they cover half of space making it over loaded and crowded. Rather a meticulous option is sofa-cum-bed that can be unfolded as bed in night. Use armless open chairs, low tables and metal frame sofas with cushions as they open up space making it beautiful and elegant together.

  • Furniture arrangement in small home

Appropriate furniture arrangement is the next step for small home decoration as it too is very important to infuse life into small home. If you have one or two huge furniture pieces place them against longest wall of home as it fills that area making it focal point of small home. But while arranging furniture avoid placing bulky furniture midway as it snags walking space and creates confined look. One of the major small home décor ideas is to avoid furniture at entrance as it makes your small home wide and ample.

  • Proper lighting ideas for small home decor

Use of proper lights either artificial or natural enlivens small home décor as small home no more remains small visually. Only you need to utilize appropriate illuminating system i.e. through natural light, ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, soft lights and incandescent lights to eliminate shadows. Use of more lights makes small home beautiful giving it an illusion of larger space.

  • Appropriate color scheme

Go for light hues for walls and curtains like soft shades of pink, green, aqua, cream and off white that endow a feel of more space and airy environment. Selecting appropriate color scheme is one of the best small home decor ideas.

Use less home decorating accessories and more mirrors to reflect light as they impart more life, space and area to small home.

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