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Your Butt Shapes Tells Health Quotient Too!

Female butt shapes tend to fall into one of four groups, and your shape could be important.

The V shape butt is generally seen in women with lesser estrogen levels…they have good fertility and good cardiovascular health. It’s also a sign of slower metabolism and difficulty in losing weight.

The square or “H” shape has fat distributed evenly up to the love handles. Square butts are equal in size from waist to hips. This creates a flat appearance. These body types contain low amount of fat at their waist.

People who have round butt, which is also known as Cherry Shaped Booty, Bubble Butt or apple bottom, have lower risk of heart disease and a positive look on life. The waist to hip ratio of the person with round butts is equal. It has a very full appearance. Round butts can be easier to shape than others.

The heart (or pear) shape has significant fat distribution around the upper thighs. It is also referred to as A-Shaped Butt or Oval Booty. An A-shaped butt has a smaller top and flared large bottom at the bottom by the thighs. Women with this butt shape have a smaller waistline wherein the body increases in volume going down.

Did You Know Your Butt Shape Tells Health… by womenzmag

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