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Love During Pregnancy

tips to have sex during pregnancy

Love During PregnancyAs soon as you see that pink line on the test stating that you are pregnant, an anxiety sets in. But there is no need to worry as pregnancy is the most amazing as well as the most worrisome time in a woman’s life. Here, we have a few brilliant tips for all the concerned pregnant mothers who either want to know the pregnancy precautions and confirm if it is safe to have a sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the time to re-consider some of the manners that you might not care about in the routine days. The issues include the following:

Hot Tub

Pregnant mothers should be well aware that their baby relies on them for the adequate temperature of the body. Hence, a long exposure of high temperature can prove to be harmful for the foetus. Thus, it will be a sensible idea to restrain yourself from hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas and spas while you are pregnant.

Tanning Booth

It has not yet been found out by the researchers if tanning booth has any effect on the pregnant mothers. Thus, avoid it for the protection of your foetus.

Risky Sports

Risky sports are strongly prohibited while pregnancy is going on. These sports include horse riding, water-skiing, cross-country skiing, surfing on the beaches and scuba diving. If you want to remain active, walking and swimming are the best exercises that pregnant women should do to remain healthy.


Douching has been considered quite harmful for the pregnant mothers; thus, avoid it because it can cause infections and bleeding. In some cases, it can break the water bag or cause air embolus. Such kind of serious problems can result in if air penetrates into the circulation due to the pressure of the douche.

Electrolysis, Leg waxing

It hasn’t been found out by the researchers if facial hair removal by the electrolysis has any effect on the pregnant mother’s baby or not. Thus, it should be avoided. Other than that, legs can be waxed keeping in mind the mild temperature of the wax and not to get burnt.

Spa Treatment

Spa treatments such as herbal spa would be best if pregnant mothers wait until the baby is born. The reason is due to the hot towels wrapped around your body which make you hot is not healthy for the rowing foetus.

Lastly, husbands of pregnant mothers ask question whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Doctors tell them that it is completely safe until the placenta is lying low in the abdomen. Such complications and jerks can harm the foetus. Thus, it is better to avoid sex during the first three months and last few weeks of pregnancy.

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