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Italian Beauty Secrets You Should Try

Italian Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets Thick eyebrows, full lips, huge expressive eyes, long wavy hair—this is the typical Italian beauty. Have you ever seen an Italian woman without these? We thought so. Because they’re just so consistent with their look, we did some investigating and found a few of their Beauty Secrets Even better, we discovered that these secrets are so simple to do! Take a look:

Lessen the Chemicals You Put in Your Hair. To maintain her heavy locks, Monica Bellucci makes sure that she doesn’t put too many chemicals on them. That’s why she doesn’t wash her hair more than twice a week. And when she does, she even dilutes the shampoo with water before applying it on her scalp. Pure shampoo, Bellucci believes, takes away essential oils that provide protection for hair. She also rarely uses the blow drier. Air drying is healthiest, Bellucci says.

Use Lemons to Get Natural Highlights. Lemon juice has excellent bleaching properties (as well as an abundance of vitamin C, which is good for your hair). So if you’ve been wanting to get some highlights but cringe at the amount of chemicals they’ll have to put in your hair to do that, turn to lemons. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water, and just douse your hair in the mixture. It will give you unbelievable highlights that are 100 percent natural!
Use Olive OilTake an Olive Oil Bath to Keep Your Skin Smooth. Have you ever wondered how Sophia Loren, 79, still has beautiful skin? Here’s her secret: she takes olive oil baths. The olive oil makes her skin soft and very smooth. And you do it just by adding at least five tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to your bath water. (Yes, this obviously doesn’t work in a shower.) Soak in your special bath for at least half an hour, and you’ll step out of it with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Use Olive Oil When You’re in a Pinch to Rehydrate. Giada De Laurentiis has a little moisturizing trick up her sleeve. When she’s on set and needs to rehydrate her skin, but has no time to roll out the products, she simply squeezes a little olive oil in her hands and she’s ready to roll.Use GarlicKeep Your Skin Blemish-Free with Garlic. It sounds like an old Italian grandmothers’ tale, but this has been known to work miraculously. Garlic isn’t just good for your heart, it also shrinks pimples. Just cut a garlic clove in half and rub the cut part directly on the pimple. Then let it dry. Do it daily and your skin should clear up. (But expect it to sting a little upon application.)

Thick and Full Eyebrows is the Way to Go. Italian women don’t like pencil-thin eyebrows. For them, natural is the way to go, though they do prefer eyebrows that are well-maintained. If you’d like to shape your eyebrows like an Italian does, don’t get carried away plucking. Take out only the stray hairs to keep the shape. If you have naturally thin eyebrows, fill them in with dots—not lines!—from a black or brown liner pencil. If you do this correctly, you’ll end up with brows that are thick and full—exactly what Italian women love.

Less Makeup Enhances Your Assets. Monica Bellucci is not a makeup person; if you look at her photos, she rarely steps out with her face caked in makeup. She goes for light, natural shades which enhance her best features instead of hide her flaws. And because her big, expressive eyes are what catch everyone’s eye the first time they see her, Bellucci enhances these with natural-colored mascara. All the rest of her makeup pales in comparison to her eyes.

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