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How to Make Yourself Beautiful in One Night

Take a shower

Whether it’s for a night out on the town or just to feel pretty at home, this article will help you embrace your fabulousness!

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1 Take a shower.

Take a shower

Exfoliate your skin and shave any unwanted hair. Shampoo your hair and condition it with sulfate-free products to keep your hair feeling silky and smooth. Rinse with lukewarm or cool water to prevent the natural oils in your hair that keep it shiny from rinsing out. When you get out, moisturize your skin. Put a spritz or two of your favorite body spray/perfume to make yourself even smell beautiful! Use a leave-in conditioner for your hair and use any other products that are in your routine, such as hair mousse or a de-frizzer. Let your hair air-dry or blow-dry it if you don’t have as much time. Make sure you get haircuts every once in a while. Trims, so you don’t get split ends!

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2. Hands and feet are also important!

Hands and feet

Keep your nails trimmed and your cuticles cut. Paint them your favorite color(s) or throw on a clear coat for instant elegance! Apply lotion on your feet and then put on cotton socks to give them extra moisture!

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3. Smile!


Give your teeth a good brushing. Use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to keep those whites pearly! Floss between your teeth and give them an extra rinse. Outlining those teeth should be luscious lips. Apply chap stick or Vaseline to make them soft and then use your favorite lip color or gloss. Make sure there is none on your teeth!

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4. Your face is the first thing we see.

thing we see

Coconut oil and olive oil, as well as honey, are naturally beneficial to your skin. Coconut oil can even get rid of acne! Use your regular face cleansers and moisturizers before you apply any makeup. If you can, try to keep your natural beauty and just highlight your best features. A little coral blush and some mascara can sometimes just do the trick. Or none at all! Putting Vaseline on your eyelashes (and eyebrows, if needed) before you go to bed will condition them and can make them grow longer and shine better! Speaking of your eyebrows, make sure they’re groomed too. Remove any stray hairs and make sure to keep them looking full by penciling them in, if needed.

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5. Dress to impress.


Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to feel pretty, put something on that makes you smile. Keep it classy and don’t reveal too much. Add jewelry to the outfit, but remember the old rule: take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the hour. Pair it with the perfect pair of heels/flats and you’re ready to smash ’em!

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