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Nail Care

Today I am going to share some overall tips which will help you get Beautiful  Nails and I am trying to cover all the issues my level best and if  you need some help else wise, we are here to help you. First of all you need to eat good healthy and well balanced diet and you should try to eat healthy and natural food and try to avoid all sort of processed food at any cost.

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Eat lots of vegetables and lots of fresh and healthy fruits and drink lots of water, healthy homemade fresh juice and smoothies, yogurt and milk is very good for your nails and your body, and fulfill all the mineral and vitamins requirements and you will see a tremendous change in your hair, skin and your nails too.

Nail Care

To treat and fight foil funguses try tea-tree oil, it is one of the beast and perfect powerful antiseptic which not only Treat Nail Fungus and make it disappear, it help you get beautiful nails too, you just need to apply some oil with cotton buds on your nails twice a day and rub with your finger, its batter to apply, few drop after you bath. 

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Don’t clip your cuticles, never ever try to peel it or bite it, if they keep becoming dry and painful then just start adding some olive oil in your hand lotion and rub well over your cuticles and use almond oil to rub on dry cuticles before going to bed and it will actually help you get batter nails, natural remedies nail care and it will solve your cuticle issue too.

Natural Remedies Nail Care

Take your vitamins, you should eat 300 micrograms of biotin, a B vitamin, four to six times a day with food and drink lots of water with that, drink a cup of horsetail or nettle tea once a day and it will provide you rich silica and other minerals that nails need to grow faster and prettier natural remedies nail care.

natural remedies nail care

If your nails are getting too brittle or flaking then you need to add essential fatty acids in your diet and you need to apply on your nails too, eat fatty fish and flaxseed or flaxseed oil, natural remedies nail care, or you can try 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil a day or sprinkle ground flaxseeds on your cereal or other food and use avocado oil to apply on your nails and massage till it get absorbed.

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Women Nails Care

Evening primrose oil is very good for your skin, hair and for your nails, you can take 1,000 milligrams three times a day with meals or you can take one tablespoon oil and if you see white spots on your nails then you need to add zinc in your diet and for that you can try adding nuts, root vegetables, whole grains, meat, and shellfish in natural remedies nail care your diet. Apply garlicky on your nails every night to make your nails smooth pink and beautiful and it will increase the growth of your nails too.

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