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10 Beauty Tricks For Girls

Beauty Tricks for Girls

Beauty TricksHave you ever wondered what beauty tricks make a guy’s heart melt like chocolate? 10 beauty tricks for girls are enough to have you surrounded by all the good looking guys, for you to choose the best one amongst them. Use 10 beauty tricks for girls and stand out today.

1.    Use bold colors to make your eyes stand out:

Blue shimmer on your eyes never fails to catch attention. Though you be sure to check that it is completely merged and well applied, blue eyes shade is one of the 10 beauty tricks for girls. Some well applied mascara, and thick eye-liner, and you are ready to kill with your eyes.

2.    A dazzling smile

Beauty tricks are not just about putting up loads of makeup and wearing sexy clothes and heels. It’s also about how you carry yourself and what you to. Having said that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if I say that white dazzling smile is one of the killer 10 beauty tricks for girls. Take good care of your teeth, they sure are precious.

3.    Some shimmer

Shimmer is not just for the eyes and cheeks. If you like wearing low V-necks, then maybe you should use some shimmer to highlight your pretty collar bones. Some shimmer along the line of you V-neck also adds beauty to your body.

4.    Hot Lips

One of the hottest 10 beauty secrets to make guys melt is to make your lips extra hot. Red lip color never fails to give you an irresistible look. Though you should make sure that your lips are perfect, and if they are not, you can always use some lip pencils to improvise.

5.    Some waves to your pretty hair

The time for flat straight hair is finally out, and if you are up for 10 beauty tricks to make guys melt, you should go for some waves in your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or thin, waves look good either way, and they make you look hot.

6.    Dewy skin and sexy heels drive boys crazy

Take advantage of that smooth, dewy looking skin and wear some sexy high heels to drive them all crazy. If you think you have wonderful legs, then this is one of the must have beauty tricks for you.

7.    Twist your hair into an appealing bun

If you don’t want to let your hair loose, then one of the best 10 beauty tricks to make guys melt is to twist your hair in an un-kempt way, with casual strands of hair around your face to give you an elegant, appealing look.

8.    Highlighter all the way

Using some highlighter to make your pretty cheeks stand out is never a bad idea. It emphasizes you face cut and makes your smiles prettier.

9.    Go bold; You up for a tattoo?

If you are up for the bold 10 beauty tricks for girls, then you shouldn’t hesitate to have a tattoo somewhere on your body which you think is worth emphasizing and showing off. Having one on the shoulder blades makes you look sexy.

10.    Be yourself

May be the most trivial of all 10 beauty tricks for girls is TO BE YOURSELF. Trying to be someone you are not always ends up making you look like fool. Go for something you can carry well. Even if that means wearing khaki pajamas.

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