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Nail Art: How To Sparkly Pink Ombre Manicure

Pink Ombre Nails Trend

Nail art queen Arelis Parache shows you how to create a pretty ombre manicure in six simple steps.sparkly ombre nails1. Prep your Nails. After you’ve filed your nails and pushed back your cuticles, apply a basecoat and paint them in a neutral color. Arelis used Essie’s “Urban Jungle.” Allow them to dry completely.glitter ombre nails2. Prepare your Palette. Select three different shades of pink from light to dark. Try Essie’s “Romper Room,” China Glaze’s “Float On,” and Zoya Nail Polish in “Ali.” Paint a stripe of each color from light to dark on a makeup sponge.sparkly pink ombre nail3–4. Apply the Gradient Effect. Slowly dab your entire nail with the sponge until you get the desired amount of color on them.nail art trend5. Perfect Them. Clean up the edges of your nails using an angled makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover.Pink Ombre Manicure6. Apply a Glitter Polish and a Topcoat. After your nails dry, paint them with a clear glitter polish like NYX Nail Polish in “Crystal,” then seal with a quick-dry topcoat like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

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