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Deal with Workplace Harassment

Law has prohibited workplace harassment and there are many punishments against the person who commit the crime of workplace harassment. Still workplace harassment is increasing by time. Workplace harassment cases have tripled from 1980’s to 1990’s. On average 15000 workplace harassment cases are filed by workers every year.  Companies can protect themselves by this problem by:

Educate about workplace harassment

Employer of big companies which have more than 50 employees should have proper training about this matter at their workplace. Moreover employer with just 3 to 4 employees can give them proper education about workplace harassment. Sometime a person doesn’t even know that his behavior is offensive to others. With help of training and education he will have a better knowledge of what to do and what not to do at a workplace. Interactive sessions should be held in which if someone has problem with anyone he can directly talk to him at workplace and solve that issue.

Harassment free workplace

All the workplaces should have a proper policy for workplace harassment. In policies it should be straight forwardly mentioned that workplace harassment will not be tolerated and case will be filed against the accused and he might have to leave the job.

Complaints of workplace harassment

All the complaints of workplace harassment should be taken seriously by the employers and appropriate investigation should be conducted. In workplace harassment case no biasedness should be shown. Everyone should be treated equally at a workplace. Whether he is top salesman at a workplace or someone on the lowest post everyone should be treated equally.

Investigate workplace harassment

If you notice that you cannot investigate workplace harassment issue properly or responsibly then you should hire a trained and experienced investigator.  If you are going to hire anyone outside from the workplace you must understand all the laws before doing so.

Maintain confidentiality in workplace harassment issue

Do not get personal in workplace issues. Keep everything confidential and treat everyone with dignity when interviewing. Do not threat the accuser or leak any of his confidential information.

Analyze and conclude workplace harassment issue responsibly

Analyze all the facts and figures received from the case lawfully and then reach to any conclusion.  This is advised that workplace harassment issue should be analyzed by experienced and authentic person so that you should not reach to any wrong conclusion which will result in punishment to wrong person.

Take action

Take proper action when you reach to the conclusion. Even if you do not get to a firm conclusion you should warn the accused one not to repeat the mistake again in future. This way employee will have trust on company that if workplace harassment will be done, serious action will be taken.

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