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Gender Issues in Workplace

Gender stays one of the fundamental issues of our society and how the gender mechanism works in a workplace or office environment is something often talked about. There is no denying the fact that women are usually not as highly ranked as the men in any workplace however, it cannot be denied that they do enjoy certain privileges which men do not.

There are some serious issues like sexual harassment and unacceptable behavior which many women report owing to working in an environment which is male dominated. Many people are of the opinion that these problems are only present in patriarchal societies like Asia etc. However, we have serious reservations for this as working women all around the globe face serious challenges at their workplaces. Creating awareness in men and not just them, but educating the females for standing up to their fundamental rights in any workplace is the need of the hour.

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It is highly unethical to think that a female cannot be the top manager or CEO of a company. Demeaning behavior towards any human being in a workplace is obviously unacceptable regardless of his or her gender. Gender issues should be completely put aside and men and women should work as a team to make the plan work. There are various things in which women are better at doing than men and vice versa. We need to make peace with this fact.

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