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Types of Workplace Violence and Prevention Measures

Workplace violence is an important and often misunderstood subject. In other words it concerns every action of violence in which a company employee is involved. This kind of violence is categorized in four types. A brief introduction regarding these types will help us to understand it better.

Criminal Violence

In this type of workplace violence some employee of the company involves in crime with the help of some criminal outsider. This kind of violence commonly occurs in retail stores than a factory.  Main reason behind it is that a retail store is directly involved in cash or other highly valuables. To over come and avoid these types of crimes different crime prevention measures can be used. Cash management techniques and electronic systems, including video surveillance systems and public view monitors are used to minimize this type of violence. Many of these measures can make customers feel safer.

Service User Violence

This type of workplace violence will be most established in organizations that deal with large client populations. Hospitals, schools, universities and other public places all fall directly into this risk category. In this type service provider commits violence to client in providing due services they required. In hospitals, for example, emergency room and psychiatric intake areas face greater risk than other hospital areas.

To reduce this type of workplace violence we should focus on different methods to reduce tension. Staff members should be taught with listening and DE-escalation techniques. Developing effective customer service teams and programs will also be helpful.

Worker on Worker Violence

Organizations having large employee population often caught in this type of workplace violence particularly in those areas where employees work closely together under stressful conditions. Preventing this type of violence begins with hiring the right people at the right place and treating them well. Harsh management styles can increase the probabilities of these kinds of incidents. Downsizing, terminations and disciplinary actions may also increase the risk of violence.

To minimize and overcome these violence companies should emphasis on listening to employee concerns and developing management and supervisory De-escalation skills.  It is also important to know that people can change their temperament for a variety of reasons. It is also important to develop communication opportunities where employees feel comfortable enough to report harassment, anger and other problematic behavior of co-workers.

Domestic violence

While working in certain organization this type of workplace violence is often the greatest threat to female employees. Violence of this kind is most likely to occur in organizations having large number of female populations, particularly in areas that can be easily accessed by outsiders. Domestic violence can also be one of the hardest to deal with since the symptoms of  violence which is going to be occur in near future is difficult to detect.

Training and communication are the solutions to develop a successful prevention program for this type of workplace violence. Companies should must develop alternative communication links where employees can report upcoming threats faced by themselves or their co-workers.

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