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How to tell she is Flirting

Before you assume she is interested check for these signs.

She is flirting if she… smiles.
When a woman is flirting, her smile can hold your attention.

 She is flirting if she… She keeps walking by
If it seems like she continues to walk by with apparently no sense of why she’s there, she’s there for you. She’s flirting, trying to get you to notice her.
 She is flirting if she… She draws attention to her mouth
Some of the effective signs she’s flirting will have her applying lip gloss etc.
She is flirting if she… She isolates herself
If, after having made eye contact, she strays from her pack, then she’s trying to flirt with you.
She is flirting if she… She mimics your body movements
If she’s mimicking your mannerisms — the way you hold a drink or the way you’re sitting — she is flirting.

She is flirting if she… She plays with her hair
When trying to get your attention, she may twirl her hair in her fingers or let it cascade in front of one eye.

She is flirting if she… She approaches you to talk
While speaking to you, to maintain eye contact, play with her hair, are signs she is flirting.

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