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Love – let it be a sweet feeling, don’t make it a game

I have read and I am sure most of you tender teenage girls would have read it too, a thousand times what to do when your boyfriend is not paying attention to your sweet tender feelings, and the most common tactic many of those love gurus ask us to do is to ignore your boyfriend so that they may know they need you.

Let me tell you what happened to ‘us’ when I decided to ignore my sweetheart, the whole day I would avoid texting him and late at night I would be like badly want to talk to him, and he on the other side, tired and exhausted of the whole day would lie down on bed and would reach to his dreamland in an instant and the next day same old story that left our relationship lifeless, cold and dull.

Being in love means making someone happy even from a distance, but when you start playing games in relationship, in order to make someone miss you, the love becomes a game and loses its charm. Love is not a game, it’s a feeling that needs to be cherished, that needs to be shared and when you don’t or can’t ignore a particular person who is your happiness, try not to do so or you will badly ruin your relationship with your own hands. Read on to know how to add that flame of intimacy and charm in your hard-to-handle-relationship.

Stop being shy and stop hiding your feelings especially in the times when you two are together, make the most of that time, tell him that you love him, make him feel special by doing little things, little gestures, make him believe with your eyes, make him believe with your tender touch, laugh together and listen to him with a kind caring heart so that he may know someone is always there for him, and when you will part even for a day, your boyfriend is bound to miss you. But when you deliberately ignore him every day, it gradually saps away the charm and originality out of relationship.

Don’t be a love sick kid by off and on complaining and nagging about  his careless behavior rather appreciate their good things and give them space to breath, give your relationship a healthy space to breath and grow and learn to enjoy life with and without each other. Instead of sending hundred messages, call him for a sweet little talk and put a smile on his face with your laughter and support.

Build a healthy and positive ambiance around your relationship and keep it simple and happy and see how your boyfriend will not be able to go away from you!


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