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Why Diet Facts are Killing You

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The easiest diets to follow are the most troublesome for the body. The common fad diets are famous amongst young girls. However there are certain diet facts that almost kill a person and de motivate him from dieting. Many people haunt you about the hazards of diets however most of the things they tell you are myths and far from the real facts.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] Diet Facts

1. Diet Drinks: Many dieters tend to stick to sugar free drinks thinking these are zero calories. What they don’t realize is that these come with a health hazard package of kidney failure, obesity, tooth decay, cancer and reproductive problems. Another associated problem is that these drinks also cause a hangover. Something to avoid completely while on a diet should be anything that says zero calorie and sugar free.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

2. Low Fat Diet Leads to Ketosis: The famous low carb diets are most rumored about in terms of causing harm. Ketosis happens when you eat carbs less than 50 grams per day. Ketone bodies are produced when instead of glucose; fats are burned for energy production. These can cross blood brain barrier and are used up by brain. There is no harm in brain being run on ketones besides glucose.  Ketones help against epilepsy. People confuse this with ketoacidosis which is a condition most diabetics suffer from.

3. Low Carbs Diet is Hard to Stick To: Many dieticians say that low carbohydrate diets are difficult to keep up with which is not really true in real life. When compared with low fat diets these are more easy to follow. They reduce appetite and hunger. Help lose weight more readily when compared to low fat diet regimes.

4. Low Carb Diets Exclude Groups That are Essential: To get full benefit from a low carb diet then certain essential foods need to be eliminated from life however despite the hype about these foods there isn’t any actual need for them either for instance grains. Remember low-carb diets are not exactly lacking carbohydrates. There’s room for plenty of vegetables, more than enough to satisfy your need for all the nutrients.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]

5. Rich in Saturated Fats Diets That are Low Carb: This is a myth that has never been proven. Where these diets are high in saturated fats they raise HDL which is good cholesterol for the body. Its role is to prevent heart diseases rather than cause them.

6. Low Carb Diets are Not Safe in Long Run: Some people believe these diets result in unhealthy conditions later in life .This has not yet been proven. These are certain diet facts that you need to keep in mind while on a diet.

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