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Spending quality time with your Family

Family activities on weekends give many a chance to spend a quality time with their near and dear ones. In today’s fast paced life, life for working parents especially is not easy when they have mobiles and computers to stay in touch with each other or don’t have time to communicate on regular basis. It is important to give time out for the family at least on off days.

1. Go out: It is important to take your kids on riverside trip, playland, zoo or museum. Organising family reunions is also a good idea to meet friends and family.

2. Indoor games: There are many games, which can be played indoors or in your backyard. It includes various board games and outdoor games. Playing frisbee, stickball, netball, flying kites, hopscotch are some family activity ideas. These activities strengthen family relationships and family values.

3. Art and Craft Activities: Art and Craft related games enhance children’s creative activities and participation of all the members in such activities offer enjoyment. Making a collage or a puzzle can be a free time idea on family weekends. Playing in mud, painting murals, building box, making memory drawings or a simple scratching on paper are some other activities which one can try out on weekends. Such activities at family residence add to family fun and the leisure time becomes enjoyable as well.

4. Outdoor Activities: These outdoor activities include going out on family holidays for camping, hiking, bike riding, taking the dog for a walk or gardening etc. Gardening at family home can also be an interesting way to spend leisure time. Arrange a campfire in a nice setting to recreate the atmosphere of the olden times when kids have to read story. Parents can teach children about plants, animals and forms of land.

Apart from these family activities, attending concerts, visiting library, watching good family movies and writing letters to grand parents is also a noble thing to do. Writing them letters or visiting them would make them happy and would assure them that somebody cares for them. One should thus, try his best to keep the family members together and strive for better communication amongst them.

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