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Mascara: A key to perfect beauty

Mascara: A key to perfect beauty

It is said that, ‘beauty is in the eye of beholder’ and to hold the admiring gaze of ‘someone special’ for a lifetime, one need to put some effort to look stylish. Eyes are the main features of your facial beauty and to enhance that perfect beauty, use mascara, eye make up, liners, curlers application and see the result!

Mascara makes the outline beauty of your eyes sharper, clearer and stylish. There are two kinds of mascaras: waterproof and regular ones. Stick to normal (regular) mascara in case of you staying too much in ‘water’ or crying constantly. Waterproof mascara should be carefully removed in order to limit eyelash breakage. Mascara should be used on all corners of eyelashes. You can apply it closely on the base of your eyelashes and work out to the tips. The mascara wands are made of plastic and used for curly lashes also.

For a unique beauty, most women prefer to wear black mascara, as it look elegant, bring style and works well on anyone. For a natural beauty, use shades of brown makeup and if you are using too much black mascara try using clear mascara for a subtly enhanced look. Always apply mascara in a still position, never apply eye make up in car because if you do it, you can scratch your cornea. Mascara can easily become infected by bacteria so, throw it after four months or use it before it becomes dry.

If you want to give your eyes a perfect beauty and make them more open and wide, curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler.

Mascara is a key step to your true beauty as it carries a large impact on your unique beauty. Try not to stick to your favourite mascara but keep on experimenting with new products from time to time. Use regular ones on your eyelashes to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and let the world see how charming you are!

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