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How Yelling Parents Hurt Kids

To make our point clear to someone, sometimes we resort to yelling no matter if we are yelling at a friend, sibling or our own kids. Yelling parents hurt kids in numerous ways because the only thing which a child wants from you is attention. Instead of losing it or going all out, yelling parents should try to find out why is their child behaving this way. Does he wants attention or is there something bothering him because there is always a reason why your child acts difficult which makes you angry and then you become one of those angry and yelling parents and you know what happens next.

Yelling parents hurt kids in so many ways because yelling hurts the kids from inside, breaks their heart and disturbs them mentally as well.  I am going to tell you how yelling parents affect their kids so next time it will be better to control yourself before you actually lose it resulting in a great deal of damage to your kid.

  • The first thing how yelling parents affect kids is that yelling makes a child terrified or fearful of their parents. Whenever a kid will make a mistake he will be afraid of the yelling parents would not be able to tell the truth and resort to lying or hiding the truth.
  • Yelling parents hurt kids emotionally as sometimes after losing control on their selves, yelling parents say things which they do not mean at all. Things like, “you are a stupid child” or “I don’t need a child who does not behave well.” Well you get the idea how a child will feel after hearing such statements.
  • If a child is being yelled at by their yelling parents for the very first time, he will get hurt the most at that moment. The child will get the feeling that his parents don’t love him anymore and some other emotional disturbances.
  • Continuous yelling will make your child ignore his yelling parents because since it happens on regular basis, it won’t be necessary if he pays attention to what the parents are yelling about.
  • Yelling parents, in a sense teach their kids how to yell as well because in psychological terms a child’s mind and behavior are like a blank slate and will be filled gradually with the experiences of life. So yelling will become a part of the kid’s experiences and the kids will copy their yelling parents and will start to yell too.
  • As we mentioned above most of the yelling parents make their kids fearful which leads a child to have less confidence over himself. Yelling will damage the kid’s self image and will consider themselves as less worthy or in a much harsh expression; worthless.
  • As yelling parents show aggression towards their kids while yelling at them, kids also show aggression in their behaviors later on because they learn aggression from their yelling parents.
  • Children often become impatient when yelling parents lose their control.

Yelling parents should realize that yelling is not the answer and it will hurt your child more than one way. Instead of yelling parents should use a positive approach because that will have a much better effect on your kids. Yelling may temporarily stop your child’s bad behaviors but it will not make it go away. So yelling parents should avoid yelling as much as possible but if you do lose control the best possible way to fix the situation is to apologize for your yelling behavior.

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