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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship Between Parents and Teenagers


Teenage period is the most delicate time of our lives and to maintain a healthy relationship between parents and teenagers is very important.

We all go through a series of drastic changes and experiences which have a lasting impression on us. It is quite difficult to understand a teenager’ psyche once we become an adult and especially parents because once we go through all the steps we simply forget or try to ignore what has happened in the past. But for parents, dealing appropriately with their teenage children is very important. A good understanding can help in developing a healthy relationship between the parents and the teenager child.

There are many problems which are faced by the parents of teenage children but the most important one is the ever-increasing use of media and technology by the teenagers. Is it actually doing any good to the children or is it helping a teenager to develop a dark secret life which can lead to threatening repercussions? Therefore, we have thrown light on this issue through this article and more importantly, we have focused on what the parents can do in order to develop a good and close relationship with their teenage children.

Working parents need to see this problem more critically. At times, The parents forget that their child needs them and their attention more than the materialistic luxuries. The parents are more involved in their work and hence, children start to find their parents in internet and other technological sources which do not just have positive aspects but serious negative aspects too. In such circumstances, the communication level between the child and the parents minimizes just to asking for money from parents and that is all.

Parents need to understand that in order to keep the family intact, they must give quality time to their family. A check on children should be maintained appropriately but it should not be so harsh that the child gets rebellious. Parents should try to take part in their child’s activity and appreciate it when needed. Putting up rules like eating dinner together every night and sharing at last one incident of the entire day can be very helpful. This builds up interaction between the family which leads to a healthy and a strong relationship.

Another responsibility for the parents is to make their children goal oriented. Teenage children have a lot of energy, high emotional levels and a mind which can easily be distracted. Therefore, the parents should make sure that they put the minds of their children in some productive work or make them goal oriented so that they should use their energies in planning for their future rather than just hanging around with friends, shopping, playing and partying.

Hence, just by giving a little bit of attention towards teenage children, the parents can build a very healthy and friendly relationship for the family which can lead to very positive future results for their children and themselves too.

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