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How to Cheat at Dating and Get Away with It

You all might know the old and mainstream ways of cheating on your spouse or partner but, the danger of getting caught is always really high in them. The idea of cheating itself is very risky but there are some really unique ways of getting yourself to manage the situation and that too, very professionally.

There are some precautionary measures that are highly important to be looked into and kept in mind so that you do not give yourself away and make massive trouble come your way. Now that you have finally decided that you are going to be cheating on your partner with this new guy/girl, you really need to be serious about the precautionary measures.

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We all know how ‘helpful’ technology is but do make sure that you do not start relying on your laptop and cell phone in order to communicate with this new person. Always make sure that you are not over texting or over calling. Also, the computer’s history should never be there so do not ever forget to delete that. It is best if you meet the new guy/girl in person rather than relying too much on the technological developments as that comes with a great chance of making you get busted.

If you are a married person yourself, try dating someone who is married too. The reason for this is that there is no one who can understand you better than a married person who is cheating on their souse just like you. Single people will ask for more time and attention whereas a married person will know all the dos and don’ts of the game. The danger of getting ratted out is also very low when you dating a married person as they are in exactly the same spot as you and they would not ever give the whole thing away.

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If you are into online dating and the clichéd blind dating stuff, make sure you do NOT use your own computer. You could always use a public computer but do not forget to delete history from there too. If you want to please this newcomer of your life through shopping keep in mind that credit cards are never a good option. Try paying through cash as credit card transactions can be easily traced as compared to a cash transaction. If you are financially strong enough to get something for both the people then do get it as that will reduce your risk of getting caught by your spouse.

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After reading all of the above mentioned tips, you will obviously be a master cheater but we strongly recommend that instead of creeping out of a relationship like a coward, try to talk about it to your partner and meet with a decent end. There are better and fearless ways of going about it which are not cheap at all. Try sticking to them instead of hurting the feelings of that person who meant the world to you at some point in time.

Make them understand why you want to go about this decision and how the relationship between the two of you is not working out. If things are actually not working out between the two of you then there is no chance that your partner will not understand it, in fact he/she will also take a step in easing out the pain and the situation for both of you. So try and avoid the cheating beat as long as you can.

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