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Are you in love? Know yourself…

Do you believe in love? Do you think that there is that one individual out there that is predestined for you? What will confirm that finally you have found him? What are those things that will give you the clue and then the conformity? How will you check that he is equally interested in you or not? It is very natural of a human being to get naive when it involves knowing the person they are already with is the right choice. And once you have found your true love what will confirm that you are ready to get married?

What senses like love to one individual may be nothing more than lure to another. Some people descend in and out of love swiftly and over and over again while others are never really in love as much as they are in lust. And lust is without a doubt not love. Love stands on more than just physical attraction. Although attraction plays an important role in making a person fall in love but only attraction is not enough.

So if you think you are in love then first of all start noticing slight changes in your personality. Most probably these changes will be positive for example.

  • Nothing would make you feel as calm as when you and your partner are with each other.
  • Whenever he tells you something, his words mean the most to you. This proves that he is the most significant person at present.
  •  Whenever you fight with your partner you try to makeup within the shortest span of time because that fight brings distress.
  •  You are more yourself when you are with your partner. He/she becomes your best friend. And the time spent with your best friend constitutes the best part of day.
  • Little things or slightest efforts by your partner make you happy. As a result you give more.
  •  You never feel like testing each other. This trust is nothing but love.

If you are still not sure that whether you are in love or not then try to stay away from the one you think you are in love with. Notice for a few days that what happens to you. If he stays in your mind and you cannot escape his thoughts then of course you are in love. Desire of just to be with him or seeing him will transform into hunger. And getting back to him will result in eternal contentment.

Live your relationship, enjoy with your partner, construct a bond of love and genuineness and equal sincerity is definitely certain in return. And once you are sure that you have found you true love then it is the right time to jump into the endless ocean of marriage.

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