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10 Things All Couples Do When They Are Skint

1: Raid the Freezer- You can’t afford fresh stuff so you resort to a combination different frozen foods. Your plate ends up looking like the worst buffet EVER.

2: Fantasize About Being Rich– You talk about the cars you’d buy, the house you’d have together, the holidays you’d take while batch cooking pasta to last you for the next week so you don’t have to frequent the hob and waste more energy than you actually need.

3: Turn The Heating Down or off– You layer up and take blankets down to your living room where you can snuggle up and steal each other’s body warmth while watching your designated hour of TV.

4: Decline Every Invitation– You can’t even afford a drink out at the pub- times are hard so you both have to sacrifice your social lives for a while. Unless someone invites you over for free food- then you’re there faster than you can say ‘leftovers’.

5: Have Lots of Sex– It’s the only activity that doesn’t cost anything- that is unless you’ve run out of lube then the nookie might be off the cards for a few weeks.

6: Crack Open Your Jar of Loose Coins– And try to pull together enough for a cheeky portion of chips.

7: Read– You try to cut back on your TV bills so by the time pay day comes around you’ve turned into Johnny five.

8: Talk– About anything and everything- it’s free and can be quite interesting while consuming what’s left of your booze cupboard.

9: Wear Really Unsexy Things to Bed– If you do run out of lube- it’s probably for the best because you wouldn’t have access to each other’s bits under all the layers.

10: Walk Everywhere– You’re the fittest you’ve ever been as a couple because you can’t afford petrol for either of your cars.

Source: femalefirst

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