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Woman Gets Revenge on Plane Passenger Who Keeps Putting Bare Feet on Her Arm Rest: “this lady’s feet were on my armrest”


Keeping some personal space inside an airplane is a difficult task. It’s no secret that seats on commuter airplanes have shrunk significantly over the years, while fares have increased 1,094.70% since 1963. This means you’re spending a lot more but receiving a lot less, i.e. you’re getting royally screwed most of the time you fly.

And, while it might be frustrating to give them your business when you know you’re paying a lot for a less-than-stellar flying experience if you need to reach somewhere extremely far away, your only option is to hop in an airplane.

This means you’ll be smushed against other people while traveling in a tin can in the sky, and you can only hope to be seated next to people who were raised well enough to have basic decorum and manners.

TikToker @thewandertog, on the other hand, was not.


Tell me YOUR weirdest flight story 🥲 #feet #americanairlines

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

A woman sat behind the TikTok user on an American Airlines flight thought it would be a good idea to place her bare feet on her armrest. @thewandertog writes in a text overlay of the post: “this lady’s feet were on my armrest, occasionally poking me…” The TikToker begins the video by looking with widened eyes directly into the camera.

Despite the fact that she is wearing a face mask, it is obvious that she was shocked by the passenger’s behavior. The video then switches to the offending feet in question. This was not just painful (no one likes their arm poked while flying), but it was also sort of gross. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want strangers’ bare feet touching me while I’m trapped in a tiny flight seat.

So the TikToker invented “a little ice present” to try to get the passenger to stop prodding their toes. The video then fades out to show @thewandertog taking a single ice cube from what looks to be a cup of Soda. She then gently pushes the ice cube toward the passenger’s bare feet. The video then changes to the TikToker looking into the camera, trying to fight back her laughing, with the caption “it worked” added.

According to the comments left by other TikTokers who saw the video, this has unfortunately happened to other people who were sitting in front of those trying to rest their feet on a long flight.

“This happened to me and I took a picture with flash and she put them down immediately!” one user wrote. Another penned, “This the 2nd time in a week I’ve seen bare feet on planes and in people’s spaces! Janelle James has a bit about bus people on the plane that’s perfect”

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