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Woman finds mystery manhole in her home, what’s down there is shocking

A woman has found a mysterious manhole in the floor at her home and was absolutely shocked at what she discovered was down there.

A woman has been stunned when she discovered a mysterious manhole in her home that she had no idea was there.

The woman named Jennifer Little from California posted the mysterious discovery on TikTok and said that she only found the manhole when she was moving furniture around.

Jennifer said that the manhole “freaked” her out due to the “huge spiders”. So, her husband climbed down and discovered the manhole leads to an underground bomb shelter and abandoned food store.

In one of the TikTok videos posted to her page, Jennifer says that “There’s two bunk beds, there is a urinal if you need it.” The house was constructed in 1951, and according to Jennifer, the shelter was built out of fear of a nuclear attack during the Cold War.

Jennifer said, “This house has a bomb shelter, pretty normal for back then. People were so afraid of a nuclear bomb happening on the California coast, especially central California because it’s so exposed. The shelter has beds and ventilation as well.”

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