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WOMAN changed her life by eating raw meat: “it’s transformed my life”

WOMAN changed her life by eating raw meat
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A WOMAN who used to be a vegan has claimed eating raw meat has ‘changed her life’. Mimi Graff tried the plant-based diet in her teens, but she said it made her sick and she didn’t think she’d live to be 20. Currently, in her early 20s, Mimi, from Stockholm, Sweden, says she has been following a raw meat diet that sees her tucking on raw beef, chicken, and hog, as well as a range of organs such as liver and kidneys which she also enjoys raw.

She said: “When I was 17, I weighed 39 kg, had autoimmune conditions, and didn’t see myself making it to 20. “Since I started eating raw meats, I am in spectacular shape, have perfect health, and get better and better every day and in every way. “After several years of veganism, I was all but incapacitated. In my disoriented state, an impulse took over me one day and propelled me to the fishmonger next door where I purchased the largest salmon they had.”

Mimi claimed that when she returned home from her first shopping trip, she sat down and scooped at the fish with her hands until just the skeleton remained. “Immediately, the sensation of a warm ball of energy started in my stomach and shot through my body and I was in complete euphoria. It felt like my brain was switched on and my body was revived.

“I have been chasing that feeling ever since. That started my journey of reconnecting with my instincts, following my intuition, and experimenting with myself. “I felt no guilt and never again considered the lives of animals.” According to the NHS, properly cooking meat means that harmful bacteria in the meat are killed.

“If meat is not cooked all the way through, these bacteria may cause food poisoning. “Bacteria and viruses can be found all the way through poultry and certain meat products (such as burgers),” guidance states. Today, Mimi says she always listens to what her body desires and that the ‘feeling of raw meat is unbeatable’.

Mimi is obsessed with her raw meat diet and enjoys experimenting with new variations. Mimi says she takes the majority of her meat uncooked since it is what she reacts to the best. She went on to say that it’s also the most accessible and convenient neat for raw eating at home. “The remainder is mostly chicken, pork, and fish that I alternate between raw and lightly cooked. I also incorporate organs, primarily liver, kidney, and bone marrow that I prefer raw too.

“At restaurants, I always choose the raw meat dish if possible, like steak tartare, carpaccio, ceviche, or sashimi. “However, I’m perfectly content with a lightly seared steak too. My goal is to try a raw meat dish from every culture and of every animal.” Mimi expressed her ‘delight’ at being capable of eating raw meat in public.

“However, I have found that it all comes down to presentation. “It’s so fun to rip the raw flesh with my hands and teeth, but I reserve that for when I’m alone. “My etiquette has never left me. Raw meat is for feminine and sophisticated girls too, we’re not all menacing bodybuilders or stinky hippies.

“My East Asian and African family and friends are by far the most accepting and willing to try my food. Europeans are squares and only order culturally sanctioned steak tartare or ceviche at restaurants. “Americans have been the hardest crowd to crack. All of my negative comments come from them. “Although my physical metamorphosis is amazing, proper nutrition has transformed my mentality even more,” she added.

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