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White lions face new extinction threat as trophy hunters offered cut-price deals

The rate is slowing down for the killing of animals in South Africa from £30,000 to £10,000. So, because of this present Covid pandemic happening trophy hunting in the country brings around £300million by taking a massive financial hit.

Hunting companies are decreasing the price and raising the number of licenses to major customers from around the world, including Brits. For hunters, the main trophies of the “big five” are the limited white lion. Sadly, there are just 20 left in the wild, and the other 300 in captivity.

The main attraction for tourists is the bred but when they get too big to embraced by the children, the safaris passed by exploring the wild big cats. The Anti-hunt group XPose Trophy Hunting said: “We’ve seen dozens of trophy photos, with smiling killers standing over the white lions’ carcasses.

“White lions are rare in nature but bred for their popularity with trophy killers. With no end in sight to this despicable practice in South Africa, the life of a lion has become cheap.” White lions get their coloring which causes their raps to become white, form a unique gene. “You will stalk your lion on foot by using the honed skills of a tracker to follow the lion in the soft Kalahari sands.

“This is one of the most exciting ways to hunt a lion. Some stalks will result in charges or mock charges that will make your hair stand on end!” One of the members of the hunting company,

who asked not to be mentioned said: “We want wealthy Brits and Americans to come to Africa as soon as possible to start hunting again? “The income for the last year has been zero. We have mouths to feed and businesses to run. A lot of people rely on us for their livelihood. “Many of the anti-hunting lobby just don’t understand that hunting pays for conservation. If it wasn’t for hunting, many more animals would be extinct or endangered.”

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