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Report Revealed The Way Trump Supporters Allegedly Hope To Remove Joe Biden From Office

I suppose I had a thread, just a minuscule modicum of hope that once President Biden had been in office for a few weeks, Donald Trump’s rabid, extremist base would finally realize that Joe Biden really is the President, and not through massive voter fraud, and would give up on their insane ideas and go back to their $11 an hour job and their unhappy marriages.

But I was a fool.

These people have gone more than four years believing that they’re at the top of the totem pole; that what they say goes. And they spent four years with Donald Trump in office pretty well confirming it all for them.

Far-right “activist” Josh Bernstein pretty much proved my point during an appearance on the Charles Moscowitz podcast when he revealed the way Republicans are planning to try to remove President Joe Biden from office.

“I am part of the audit team where I’m at,” Berstein explained. “And we are also working with patriots in New Hampshire to get their audits done. And in Pennsylvania and in Georgia and in Michigan, okay?”

“We want a constitutional crisis,” he declared.

“Let me explain what I mean, we want to get to a point where we have these audits done in these respective states, and when information comes out to be just like Antrim County (Michigan), now we can then catapult that into another state and then another state and another state and another state and the next thing you know, we are now in a constitutional crisis,” Berstein went on.

The truth of the matter is, the hand audit in Antrim County “confirmed today that the result certified last month by the bipartisan Board of Antrim County canvassers was accurate. The audit proved again that the disinformation campaign surrounding Antrim’s presidential election and its use of Dominion vote-tabulation machines was completely meritless.”

“What happens then? Well, you know, you could do a writ of quo warranto, which actually allows people to be removed post-election if there has been, you know, uh, ‘irregularities’ we’ll call it. I don’t want to get too far into the weeds as I don’t want to get you in trouble,” Berstein added of his efforts to overturn the peoples’ vote in the election, “but come hell or high water we are going to get these audits done.”

“We will never quit, we will never comply, we will never stop,” he announced, making it clear that him and his “people” will never accept Biden’s 2020 landslide victory in the presidential election.

You can watch the clip here:

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