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Vacationing This Christmas

You can enjoy Christmas in the most unique way by spending it away from your home. These destinations will surely make you fall in love with your perfect Christmas holidays spent a little differently this time.

If you are sick and tired of spending Christmas the same way as you always do, by throwing family dinners, decorating the Christmas tree at home, calling family members over or going out for cocktails at a friend’s place, now is the time to bring a change in the way you spend this Christmas. This time, plan out a holiday and spend the most memorable Christmas with your family members by choosing the best vacationing spot for this Christmas. Spending the Christmas holidays away from home this time will definitely be a treat for you and your family.



Lapland Pictures

Lapland Images

For those who want to spend Christmas in the most traditional way in extreme cold and snow, Lapland is the place for you to go. This province of Finland up north is the perfect way to spend the Christmas. Situated in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, the Santa Village is the place to spend your Christmas by meeting with the Santa himself. The Santa post office and the reindeers are a complete treat and one feels the true fun of Christmas in Lapland. You can also enjoy Finnish cuisine and have the most memorable trip.

New York:

New York

New York Images

New York Pictures

For beautiful Christmas decorations and perfect Christmas shopping rates, New York is where you should go and spend this Christmas. The lights of the city and the beautifully decorated shops are sure to make your trip the most wonderful. The Christmas celebrations in New York are worth watching. Christmas food carts are also a good treat and one surely enjoys the American food done specially for Christmas on carts.



Jamaica Pictures

For those of you who want to add more spice to Christmas holidays and want to spend it in the most unusual way, Jamaica is the place for you. The beautiful coconut trees and the perfect Brazilian traditions are sure to make your holidays wonderful. A resort called the Round hill is the most famous for its Christmas celebrations all over the world. On the Christmas day, the waiters and other staff members dress exactly like Santa Claus to serve eggnog. This is done on the beach. Spending Christmas in Jamaica is surely a good idea if you want to do it in a different way.



Prague Pictures

For people who are more into spending the Christmas away from home, however close to the old heritage, the beautiful city of Prague is the place where you would want to be. The old and beautiful architecture of this city surely takes you to another era. The old castles, streets and towers make your trip ideal. The Christmas here in Prague is unique in its own way as you do not get to eat Turkey. According to old Christmas traditions of Prague, you get to eat carp fish on the Christmas day. The fish is definitely a new experience for those who are spending Christmas in Prague in the most amazing way.

New Zealand:

New Zealand

New Zealand Pictures

For relaxation and enjoying the scenic beauty on Christmas, New Zealand is the place where you need to go and spend this Christmas. The beautiful islands located in New Zealand are the place where one can sit back and relax at a good resort and praise the nature in the most unique way. New Zealand offers many adventures for you to take part in and enjoy your Christmas in ultimate pleasure.



Sydney Images

If you want to enjoy Christmas in full swing, a Christmas that is full of lights, festivals, delicious food, beautiful scenery and amazing decorations then Sydney, Australia is where you should head. Sydney has a wide range of festivals going on during the Christmas time and one thoroughly enjoys the beauty and culture of this modern yet traditional city in a unique way.

So pick your desired destination, pack your bags and head to explore the world this Christmas in the most different manner by staying away from home and enjoying the luxuries across the globe.

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