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Top Places To Travel This Summer

Summer is the season of unlimited and timeliness travelling opportunities. I hate those who feel boredom and complaining of it. They are the world’s foolish people. Guys, summer is here and it is the real time to enjoy the finest and worth seeing places of your planet. Why wasting time in so many thoughts? Just read this special travelogue about places to travel this summer and select some best to travel.

Now not sit. Just start reading and book one for you as early bird can get the warm while others have to wait. So why you wait? Here are the best and jam packed places to travel this summer.
Places to travel this summer:

1. Texas Hill Country

image courtesy: AradbrandingPHOTO: JEAN SATURNINO, TRINA ELEFANTE

The Texas Hill Country is the number one place to travel this summer. The place is lush, colorful, magnetic, dotted with beautiful green hills much like a pancake flat state type.  Moreover, the place is busy round the year with travelers, food and music and also has both traditional and modern touch which mesmerizes the travelers at once.

2. Muskoka Cottage Country, Ontario, Canada

image courtesy: AradbrandingPHOTO: JEAN SATURNINO, TRINA ELEFANTE

It is known as “cottage country side” that covers any lake destination. The place is best to enjoy summer near a lake. Muskoka district is closer to Toronto. The city still offers an unplugged pace away from Canada’s largest city. It includes historic towns and villages, lush greenery, countless waterfalls, granite peaks and one of its kinds Maskoka Lake. You can explore the river by a boat, also make river walk, window shopping near lake. If you plan to visit in the month of August than you can easily catch Algonquin Park’s educational Thursday evening wolf howls starring—weather-permitting—the reclusive, inhabitant, four-pawed chorus.

3. Monument Valley

image courtesy: AradbrandingPHOTO: JEAN SATURNINO, TRINA ELEFANTE

It is all about Marlboro ads. The Monument Valley is situated in the heart of Navajo country. It just offers post card-ready views of the archetypical American West. The wind-scraped valley spreads at the Utah and Arizona borders like a rock sculpture garden. It is a best place to travel this summer especially for horse riders, mountain bikers, river rafters and outdoor enthusiasts. There are number of expensive and cheap hotels located in the valley to serve travelers around the world.

4. Miami Beach

image courtesy: AradbrandingPHOTO: JEAN SATURNINO, TRINA ELEFANTE

Another exciting and out of the box place to travel this summer is Miami Beach. It is the place where you can find the kid’s friendliest beaches, interesting art Deco architecture, affordable hotels, bars and restaurants, galleries, ancient museums and great theatres. In summer, the beauty of Miami Beach is on full swing and hangs the attention of travelers all around the world.

Now don’t waste any single moment. Just pack your luggage and go for places to travel this summer.

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