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International Travel: Italy

International Travel: Italy

Travel to one of the most magnificent cities in Europe and experience the sights Rome has to offer its travelers.

For international travel, Italy is a superb choice not only for a romantic getaway and honeymooners but for leisure travel too. It’s a travel tourist’s paradise with iconic landmarks, stunning fashion and beautiful landscapes. Travel within Italy and you’ll experience culture, history, hidden hideaways and some cool concept stores. Follow my quick and concise travel guide for Rome and experience international travel to Italy in a new way.


When in Rome, my travel tips are to most certainly not leave without seeing some of the most memorable sites Rome has to offer!

Use my travel guide and visit The Trevi Fountain – arguably the most famous and most beautiful fountain in the whole of Rome. Legend has it that if you toss a coin into the fountain, then you will return one day! So waste no time and take my travel tips in the hopes of going back.

St Peter’s Basicila is located in Vatican City, across the river Tibet. It’s the largest church in the world! Travel to Rome would be incomplete without a visit to this magnificent site.

My travel guide obviously includes The Colosseum which is probably the most impressive building of the Roman Empire. The monumental structure has fallen into ruins, but still a stunning sight for those who travel to view it.


Travel to Rome and not shop? Not possible! So ladies, here’s a travel guide to shopping in Rome. TAD is on Via del Babuino and is one of the best shopping streets in Rome. The concept behind TAD is those who travel to this area can shop for clothes, magazines, music and home wear all at once!

Use my travel tips if you’re a vintage thrift hunting type of shopper and travel to Borghetto Flaminio (don’t you just love the names?) which is a flea market. This place is piled high with vintage clothes and one off finds.


Use my travel guide to help you decide which restaurants to visit while in Rome. International travel when related to food can sometimes be scary but in Italy, I think there’s something for everyone &

Travel to Ristorante Aroma at Palazzo Manfredi – Magnificently set on the terrace of Palazzo Manfredi where you can view the Colosseum of Imperial Rome. Travel to this eatery and watch the view from the candle-lit terrace.

Pizzeria da Baffetto is a Roman institution. You will have to wait in line if you arrive late, but the rough-and-tumble atmosphere will make up for it.

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