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Top 10 Places to go on Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Places to go on Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is really special for everyone to share their love but it is extremely special for couples who are either married or in love and they want to do something different every year.

A vacation on Valentine’s Day is one of the best ideas and the most romantic one as well.








New York City


New York City: New York City is one of the best cities to spend your Valentine’s Day. The city lights make this city really romantic and there is so much to do in this city. Make sure you cover yourself well because even February is really cold. Make sure you make reservations for your hotel and restaurant beforehand because chances are that you will left strand if you don’t.


Montreal: Montreal, Quebec is also a French-Canadian city which is very romantic and also gives a taste of Europe. The French really know how to take care of their loved ones and make them feel loved so there is a lot to do in Montreal. Don’t forget to pack your ice skates because it could be a really romantic and worth remembering date.

Stowe, Vermont
Stowe, Vermont: Stowe is another place which is going to be a great idea for Valentine’s Day because you would love to be surrounded with explicit scenery around you and hills. You can also go for long walks and eat out at the local hotspots and a hot tub bath in the end is going to be a cherry on top of your desert.

Banff: If you love snow then this is the perfect place for you. Even if you don’t ski but would have ski background and you can go to the local hotel and treat your loved one with a nice evening. Being around snow is really romantic.

Laguna Beach, California
Laguna Beach, California: A day at the beach is also a very romantic idea for Valentine’s Day and you can enjoy the sunset together with a bottle of wine. This can be a great place to visit on Valentine’s Day and since its off-season you will not be surrounded by a huge crowd at the beach.

Flagstaff: This place is surrounded by forests and fresh mountain air. Usually people associate Arizona with deserts but this place is an exception and there a lot to do there.

Santa Fe
Santa Fe: If you like history then this is the best place for you. This place has some beautiful churches where you can practice your vows. The city still gives a hint of European and Spanish influence. The city is also known for one of the best spa treatments so you can get your loved one a day at the spa which will be an excellent Valentine’s Day present.
Key West, Florida
Key West, Florida: If you want a break from winters then this place would be the perfect idea where you can gaze at the aqua blue water, palm trees and the markets.

Savannah, Georgia: Savannah is a great place if you two are interested in Museums, Mansions and History. It will also be lovely to try out the peaches it will add sweetness to your Valentine’s Day.

Montego Bay, Jamaica: This is a really hot destination for couples. You can simply soak up the sun, go for swimming and heat up your relationship. This place is beautiful.

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