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Tragic Incident Takes Life of Samantha Hayes: A Cherished Mother and Friend Struck by Plane

Women killed Struck Plane
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In a heart-wrenching incident at Broken Bow Airport on September 29, Samantha Hayes, a 27-year-old single mother of three, tragically lost her life in a freak accident. While operating a lawnmower on the field, she was fatally struck by a landing 1972 Bananza A36 aircraft piloted by 70-year-old James Baxter.

As he prepared to land, Baxter noticed Hayes too late and, despite attempting to elevate the plane, a wing collided with Hayes, resulting in fatal head injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene, as per the details from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The Broken Bow Airport, known for its sparse population and absence of air traffic control, has yet to clarify whether Hayes was employed there, according to a report by Daily Mail.

Friends and family of Samantha Hayes have taken to Facebook to express their sorrow and share memories of a woman they describe as a wonderful mother and dear friend.

Darlene Tadleigh expressed gratitude for the support they have received and highlighted Hayes’ devotion to her children: “She was a single mom who worked hard to give them a safe and loving home!” Tadleigh acknowledged that while Hayes’ loss is difficult to comprehend, faith assures them that God’s plans, albeit mystifying at times, are superior.

Sharing nostalgic memories of lively nights and adventurous escapades together, Brooke Dean fondly wrote, “Rest in peace to this sweet beautiful soul, Samantha Hayes.” From attempting to catch what they mistook for a chicken in the dead of night to memorable frog gigging expeditions, Dean reminisced about the joy and laughter they shared. “I will forever cherish those memories… We love you,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Carley Hayes penned a heartfelt message alongside a shared picture: “I love you so much Samantha Hayes. I am so sorry this happened.” Celebrating Samantha’s kind-hearted nature and positive spirit, Carley vowed that the family would ensure the wellbeing of her children. Expressing pain and incomprehension in light of the tragedy, she recalled Samantha as her best friend and concluded her message with a promise to remember her always: “This isn’t goodbye but I’ll see you later, I love you Sammy. You should be here.”

As the community struggles to make sense of this untimely and tragic incident, memories of Samantha Hayes live on in the heartfelt messages and stories shared by those who knew and loved her.

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