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Ted Cruz Torches Kamala “Excuse” for The Border Crisis With Just One 4-Letter Word

Well, the GREAT BORDER CZAR Kamala Harris has been supposedly assessing the border crisis and after all her “hard work” she’s finally come up with the “reason” for the sudden surge at the border.

So, what is it?

Well, are you sitting down, because I’m sure that you’ll be completely and totally shocked….It’s (drum roll please) CLIMATE CHANGE.

Yes, suddenly, and out of nowhere, the weather has blown into town and turned everything on its heels.

It’s not the fact that Kamala and Joe and all the Dems raised their hands and promised illegal aliens “freebies” if they were elected into power. Nooooo. That has nothing to do with it.

It’s the weather.

“VP Harris claims “the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience” are “root causes” driving the surge at the southern border”


This is absolute and utter hogwash. It’s amazing that we’re actually paying these goofs money to mess up this badly.

Well, Ted Cruz got wind of Kamala’s discovery and he responded to it with one perfect 4-letter word.

Take a look:


I don’t know about you, but I could have thought of a better 4-letter word, but I think Ted Cruz wants to keep his Twitter account intact.

But maybe Ted’s right. That’s all Kamala’s silly speech deserved…a simple “nope.”

Here are some of the other comments from folks online about Kamal’s big “findings.”

“How the f&ck would @VP know?? She’s never been to the border.”

“This is false and a bogus attempt to deflect from the actual #BidenBorderCrisis the Biden Administration caused and make it a “climate” problem with a supercharged wealth redistribution solution. Punchline: American security, families and business will suffer.”

“So everything can be excused by climate change… not driving a car will stop the border crisis apparently…”

“How did the weather change so drastically within 12 months? It didn’t, obviously.”

“I thought it was the Democrat Welcome Wagon.”

“What an idiot!!!!!!!!”

“Gaslighting Big Lie drivel that only brainwashed fools would give any credit to”

“Nonsense. It was under control a year ago.”

“The root cause of the crisis is your open border policy, @kamalaharris”

It’s amazing how Climate Change can just morph and do amazing and bizarre things to suit the left’s agenda, just like COVID….

Things that make you go hmmm.

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