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The Eternal Melodies of Wind Chimes


The subtle melodious tunes of wind chimes, when it dangles sweetly with slightest breeze, set an ambiance of soothing tranquility throughout our natural environment. Be it the front porch, balcony, backyard or in bedroom window, Wind chimes brings about an enchanting ambiance, when its soft and sweet music touches our ears, envelops our soul within its gentle musical feel.

Wind chimes‘ extremely calming notes have an amazing power to take us on to a spiritual journey, In ancient China, wind chimes were believed to carry good health, fortune and prosperity through the beautiful tunes. Besides wind chimes were used in temples and spiritual ceremonies, even today in India, wind chimes are found in temples and religious places.

The soft harmonious hymns also contain healing effects. For years, cultures from various civilizations have utilized the benefits of wind chimes to restore and calm the spirit. Its soothing tunes help to calm the mind while relieving stress.

For relaxing and soothing purpose, hang wind chimes in your garden, where your eyes can enjoy the fragile beauty of nature and your ears can indulge into a musical pleasure.

If you want to create soft and romantic atmosphere, hang wind chimes in your bedroom window, where you can enjoy a soft and caring night while talking to your man and listening to the gentlest music as you drift off to sleep.

These unforgettable melodies bring with them some precious memories of older days, melodies that makes you feel nostalgic, that makes you lost into the beauty of childhood days. Words may die, but melodies are eternal, and so is their effect, everlasting and timeless. Perk up your life with the music of  these eternal melodies and capture the beauty of each and every moment within your heart.

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