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Steve Harvey Responds to Wife’s Cheating Allegations and Fires Social Media Manager

Steve Harvey
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Steve Harvey, no stranger to controversy, recently found himself in the spotlight, not for his own alleged actions but for rumors concerning his wife, Marjorie Bridges. With stories circulating about Marjorie’s alleged infidelity, Harvey has spoken up, defending his wife and taking decisive action against a social media manager over unrelated negative comments.

Harvey Addresses Rumors Head-On

In recent days, the internet has been buzzing with rumors suggesting that Marjorie Bridges was planning to file for divorce after supposedly having an affair with the couple’s chef and bodyguard.

These allegations have been swiftly refuted by a close friend of the couple, Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko. Nwoko labeled these stories as “baseless” and “fake news”, revealing that he had reached out to Harvey personally, who confirmed the couple’s well-being and denied the rumors.

Taking Responsibility and Promoting Positivity

Steve Harvey, known for his vibrant personality and dedication to uplifting others, addressed the issue with his social media manager head-on. In a video released to his fans, the 66-year-old comedian explained that he terminated the social media manager due to a negative tweet about fellow comedians, which was in sharp contrast to Harvey’s personal brand and message of positivity.

Harvey took the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to uplifting young comedians and fostering a positive environment, underlining that he has built his brand on such principles.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges have shared a strong bond since their marriage in 2007. While these false allegations took the internet by storm, the couple remains silent on the matter. Nwoko’s intervention, aiming to quash the unfounded rumors, reiterates the couple’s ongoing happiness and commitment to one another.

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