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Shocking Video From Neighbors Camera Sheds New Light on Shooting of 16-Year-Old

After she tried to hit a young woman has sparked more contention, the 16-year-old teen was shot and executed. According to neighbors was about to “kill” her young victim, The BLM crowd is angry at the police officer for shooting the teen.

An unfamiliar dispute has started in this county, where BLM activists, politicians, and celebrities are recommending these sorts of “knife fights” are normal and police shouldn’t prevent. Someone in the neighborhood was certainly afraid enough that they called the police, and thirdly, nowhere on earth should it be “okay” and “normal” to a knife fight and if it is, then that’s a difficulty that should be approached instantly then it clears that, it’s not a “knife fight” when only one person has a knife.

That’s called a “stabbing,”. You can see much more precisely how angry/violent the 16-year-old teen was, as she directed at the girl, yelling “Imma stab the f**k outta you, b*tch!” to make matters even more intense surrounding this case, a new video has come out from a different angle it’s from the neighbor’s house.

The poor young girl in pink was very close to losing hers and the officer had a split-second to react, I know that it’s always sad to see a young person loses their life, but my God.

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