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She believed it to be a simple bug bite. Her family is currently preparing for her funeral

Health issues may strike without warning. And often, it may harm us in ways we just don’t anticipate. But what happened to one kind mother should serve as a grave caution to all of us. The following tale should worry you if you live close to a forest or have ever traveled to a forest where insects may reside.

Tamela Wilson ignored “normal” insect bites that turned out to be something really remarkable and then suddenly became unwell. Although ticks and other bloodsuckers can be a nuisance, they also pose a serious threat to your health. Sadly, Tamela’s family had to learn this lesson the hard way when she died after ignoring the bites.

She bit the bullet and made an appointment with her doctor after complaining of persistent headaches, a pale red rash, and discomfort all over her body. She discovered, however, that her symptoms were a component of a disease that was far worse than anticipated when she arrived at the clinic.

She quickly struggled to maintain a steady grasp on items. Doctors discovered that her white blood cell count was alarmingly low after doing various tests. But it was a long time before anybody understood that the source of all her problems was a glitch.

Tamela was taken to the hospital by the family physician. Despite treating her symptoms, the ER physicians were unable to identify the underlying reason. They wanted to halt her fast decline since it was happening. But no medical strategy was successful.

Her blood was submitted for testing to the CDC by the medical team, who then awaited the findings. Her physicians were astounded when they returned since it was something they had never seen before. Tamela was infected with the Bourbon virus. There is no treatment for this devastating, uncommon tick-borne disease.

Tamela was given comfort measures as doctors waited for her body to recover. But she was unable to triumph. She died three weeks after that. Tamela’s daughter wants everyone to be aware of the risks associated with ticks and other parasites since with earlier care, she may have halted the disease’s course.

Tamela’s daughter advises people to exercise caution despite the rarity of the Bourbon virus. She wishes that other people will be motivated by her mother’s tragic tale to check themselves for ticks more regularly and be aware that these bloodsuckers may be fatal.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services declined to provide any information regarding the tick-borne infection after Tamela passed away from it. This increased the value of Tamela’s daughter’s work. Legislators are criticizing the Missouri health agency for refusing to provide data on how many additional individuals contracted the infection.

Republican Representative Justin Alferman stated, “They just kind of stonewalled us on any information whatsoever.” I’m not going to put up with them hiding behind a bizarre extension of HIPAA. We will painfully reduce the size of the bureaucracy and fire those who are deliberately keeping information from the public from coming forth if they want to keep doing so.

What do you think of the Missouri residents who are being affected by a rare tick virus?

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