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President Trump Posts, Then Deletes (?) Mother’s Day Message

The situation is weird.

We’ve noticed one post shared by Trump on Mother’s Day.

Multiple reputable sources like RSBN and Disclose.tv shared it.

Besides these two sources, Trump’s lawyer posted the statement about Mother’s Day on her Twitter account.

You can see the tweet from Jenna Ellis below.

It’s a unique and strong message! We all hope that Trump will come back and make America Great again!

But, there’s one little problem.

We visited the official website of President Trump, and the last post was about the Kentucky Derby. The message was removed.

According to some sources, Trump posted the message but removed it immediately.

I think that someone else took it down, but we’ll see.

Maybe it’s fake, no one knows, but it’s weird.

What do you think? Did Trump post the message and then erased it, or did someone else take it down?

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