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Woman sobbed over the lifeless puppy, attempted to raise her rigid body but her paw twitched

On her route to work a woman noticed a dog lying on the grass on a bitterly freezing day. Her body was rigid, and she was stone cold when the woman bent forward to touch her. She cried for the poor dog that had to die alone, thinking the woman was too late. However, as the woman cried, the dog began to move!

The woman was relieved that she hadn’t arrived too late, but she didn’t hold out much expectation Despite this, she drove her to the nearest veterinary clinic to see if they could save her life. She called her  Varya as she  named her. When the vet first saw Varya, he was completely taken aback. Her core temperature was dangerously low, and her organs were starting to close down. She was in a coma as well.

After conducted multiple tests and examined that Varya had a fractured skull as well as a broken pelvis. She required to be moved to a advanced hospital with cutting-edge technology. Varya would almost certainly need operation, but first she required to be stabilized. Varya displayed incredible bravery during the entire situation. Varya eventually awoke after receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and painkillers.

Varya was stable and surgery was planned. Her saviour kissed her on the cheek and prayed her fortune. Varya performed admirably. She had to spend a few days in segregation due to the risk of infection, but she received plenty of love and affection from the medical staff.

Varya was given permission to return home with the woman who had found her after just a few weeks. She was overjoyed to be in such a peaceful, warm place! Varya’s new mother gave her a variety of foods to sample, and she snacked on it. She was now being lavished with the attention she needed!

Wait before you see how much Varya has progressed after lying in that freezing puddle. She’s laughing and enjoying by the end of the video. Her tail wags are a sight to behold! Varya’s unjust life is now a thing of the past thanks to a wonderful woman and incredible medical personnel. Every life is valuable, and with faith and love, everything is achievable.

Check it out for yourself below!

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