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Woman returns from quarantine to find dog poo all over yard in hilarious video

A dog owner who left her home for quarantine has returned to find her front yard filled with droppings from her pet.

Ms Guo, from the city of Xingtai, Hebei province in central China, and her family were sent to a compulsory quarantine for 21 days in January.

She had no choice but to leave her dog Ice Lolly at the house. She also left a bag of 15kg dog kibbles in hopes that her pooch won’t go hungry.

In a viral video Ms Guo posted on Douyin, the excited yellow furry animal jumps up on her lap as soon as she steps into the house.

But as she walks further in, Ms Guo is shocked by the state of the front yard – completely filled with dog poo.

Ms Guo pans the camera around and shows the smear droppings everywhere.

She says: “See what Ice Lolly has done to the house.”

She told Zhejiang News: “I left 15kg of dog food for Ice Lolly before the quarantine. I was crying in joyful tears when I saw him.

“There is dog poo all the way towards the house. He has been staying alone in the house as our whole family went for quarantine.”

Viewers were left in stitches and joked Ice Lolly had turned the front yard into a chess board.

One said: “Looks like the dog is playing chess with his poo in the house.”

Another wrote: “He seems to have eaten a lot of food! No wonder he’s not skinny at all!”

Some thanked Ms Guo for leaving the food behind.

“There were many pets left starved to death in similar situations, thank you Ms Guo for keeping Ice Lolly well-fed,” a third added.

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