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How to Train Pet Puppy at Home

Most of the puppies learn very quickly when they are trained at home by people following the right methods for how to train puppy at home. Some can take a few months. Estimated time to get a puppy trained at home is about 3-4 months but sometimes it can also take up to 6 months depending on the type of training methods and the learning ability of your puppy. But if you follow the right methods for how to train puppy, you would enjoy training your new friend and get the desired results. Here are a few tips for how to train puppy.

Tips and Tricks for How to Train Puppy at home:

  • The first tip for how to train puppy is to start the training as soon as it reaches its new home. The sooner the better.
  • The second step for how to train a puppy is positive reinforcements. Train your puppy in a positive and non-violent behavior. Praising and rewards are an essential part of the how to train puppy at home guide.

  • One thing you keep in mind for how to train puppy that your new puppy does not knows the difference between right and wrong. You have to teach it to do the things right way.

  • Another point which should be kept in mind for how to train puppy is to make sure everyone is involved in the training procedure to speed up the training. Everyone has to follow the same tricks for how to train puppy at home.

  • Now how to train puppy for relieve itself. This training should start immediately otherwise your puppy will not find it wrong to have an accident anywhere in the house. First thing you got to do is to give your puppy some water to drink and take it a spot for it relieve itself. Make it regular so that your puppy can get used to going for a potty break.

  • Another important tip for how to train puppy which you should remember is that there are going to be a lot of accidents when you start training your new house pet. When that happens, do not punish your puppy because after all it was a mistake unless you train him well to go outside.

  • Next tip for how to train puppy is to clean up immediately after your puppy and make sure that you clean it well. As the sense of smell of dogs is quite strong, they will still smell of urine if you do not clean the area properly and will come at that spot again to relieve themselves. Improper cleaning may cause problems for how to train puppy the right way.

  • Next step in the how to train puppy guide is to develop feeding schedule for your puppy. Set a time to feed your puppy. Every day feed your puppy at the fixed times so that he can develop the habit of eating on time and go on a potty break on time. Try not to feed him with water around the evening time as this requires more trips outside for your puppy to relieve itself. And this also will be a problem for training the puppy properly.
  • The next trick for how to train puppy is make proper commands by using a sort of signal and if your puppy manages to do it properly. Praise him and give him a reward. Like I said before rewarding your puppy is an important trick for how to train puppy properly.
  • Another thing which needs your attention for how to train puppy is to give him crate training. This will come in handy in the future because one day he has to get in the crate for traveling, vet and even make him less destructive. This is a very useful trip for how to train puppy at home.

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