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Heartbroken dogs left homeless as both owners tragically die weeks apart in lockdown

Two heartbroken dogs need a new home after both of their owners died just weeks apart.

The two nine-year-old lurchers, named Jack and Herbert, were the beloved pets of a devoted husband and wife in Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

The woman passed away just last month, and further tragedy followed soon after when her husband died on the evening of her funeral, Lincolnshire Live reports.

Poor Jack and Herbert were trapped in the room with his body for several days until they were discovered.

The double blow has left the two pooches with nowhere to stay and no one to look after them.

Michelle Page, who volunteers as an animal rescuer at Page’s Pet Rescue in Gainsborough, is now trying to get Jack and Herbert a new loving home.

She told Lincolnshire Live: “The owner’s daughter has reached out to us, she can’t take the dogs because she has four dogs of her own.

“Both dogs were born at Ingham rescue kennels, their mum was a rescue dog.

“They’ve had one home since being adopted but sadly both their owners died.”

A post of the pair has been widely shared on social media, which reads: “Can anyone foster or give these two golden oldies a forever home?

“They are nine-year-old brothers. Their mum passed away last month. Then on the evening of her funeral their dad suddenly died.

“He wasn’t found for a few days and the two dogs were locked in with him. They were absolutely traumatised and wouldn’t eat or go back in the room.

“They’re currently stuck in boarding kennels and not coping well so we’re desperately trying to find a foster or forever home for them ASAP.”

Page’s Pet Rescue says it is looking to find someone who lives within 25 miles of Gainsborough.

The post added: “Temperament wise they are fine… they are just lazy and chilled out.

“They can be reactive to other dogs on the lead but they’re not aggressive.

“They are fine off the lead but we would recommend not letting them off unless in enclosed areas.

“We’re unsure what they’d be like around children, they have never met any before.

“In all honesty they’re quite nervous boys and after everything they’ve been through I think a quiet home would be better.

“They can be left alone, they’re very good and won’t touch a thing, they’re both fully house trained.”

Anyone who thinks they can help, can find more information on the group’s Facebook page.

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