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Veterinarian Has A Secret Plan In Place For Dog Left For Dead On Side Of Road

Little Jim is a Chihuahua mix who was found on the side of the road in Colorado. Passersby saw the injured animal and immediately rushed him to an animal shelter. According to Dr. Sue Lynch, a chief veterinarian at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, it appeared as if Jim was hit by a car and left to die all alone on the side of the road in Colorado Springs.

“From the minute I saw him, with a pelvic fracture and so sad, I just couldn’t believe how sweet he was despite all his injuries and pain,” Lynch shared.

On close examination, it was discovered that Jim had a fractured pelvis, which was beyond the scope of what Dr. Lynch could do for the little furball. Thanks to the doctors at Colorado Canine Orthopedics, they got involved and also discovered Jim would need to have his right rear leg amputated to alleviate pain and suffering. After the surgery took place and recovery, it came time for Jim to find a new home. Little did the dog realize, but he already found a forever home.

Dr. Sue fell head over heels in love with the small pooch and decided she could not bear to part with him. She initially fostered Jim, but after having him in her life for so long, she wasn’t letting him go.  These days, Jim shares his home with another dog Dr. Lynch treated and rescued.

“It was done after that. My daughter was in love. My husband was in love,” Lynch reported. “I couldn’t bring him back knowing I wouldn’t know what his future was going to be.”

Watch this amazing story unfold in the video below. Congratulations on your new life, Jim, and thanks to Dr. Lynch!


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