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They Pulled A Dog From The Kill-List And Paired Him Up With A Suicidal Veteran

A Jacksonville veteran has received the surprise of a lifetime thanks to a grand community gesture! James Rutland, who served 12 years in the army, and his loyal service dog have been gifted a new home to help them kick-start a stable life after a series of struggles!

This benevolent donation came through the combined efforts of “K9s for Warriors (KFW)” and “JWB Realty”. James came in contact with KFW after his failure to acclimate to civilian life following his service termination in 2014.

Back then, he was depressed, suicidal and heavily dependent on prescription drugs for his medical issues related to traumatic brain injury (TBI), sleep apnea, and hearing loss, among others.

After reaching out to KFW, James was paired with a service dog trainee named Dunkin. The pooch was saved from a kill shelter just a day before euthanization, and was miraculously responsive to James’ vulnerable emotional needs. Dunkin not only passed as a brilliant service dog, but also pulled James out of his slump phase by giving him a real chance at a future.

With Dunkin by his side, James began putting his life back together. He started working as a trainer with KFW, although he craved for a home of his own. That’s when the 2 organizations came together to fulfill his ultimate dream!

James’ new home is equipped with the newest appliances, and has enough room for him to start a family with his fiancé. As for Dunkin, he gets his own spacious backyard to unwind and have fun! Kudos to all the good people behind this noble and thoughtful endeavor!

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