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Careless Woman Lets Puppy Get Mauled Around “Like A Ragdoll” By Larger Dogs

Amber LaRock is a licensed vet tech who deals with severely injured animals on a regular basis. But 5 years ago, her heart sank when she came across a tiny brutalized puppy name Ellie in the ER. Ellie was mauled around “like a ragdoll” by larger dogs because of the lack of experience and carelessness of her young owner.

Apparently, Ellie’s young owner was showing off her new puppy to her friends. The attack happened when the owner tried to get the wee 6-week-old pup mingle with her friends’ dogs. Ellie’s body was in shock from multiple broken ribs, a fractured femur, and a broken hip

Ellie’s owner couldn’t afford her medical treatment and considered taking her home as is. But Amber decided to take Ellie under her care. However, she had no idea that the broken baby would bravely survive this trauma and become her savior in return!

Amber was going through a rough patch in her life when she took in Ellie. She was just beginning to stay sober, and was struggling to keep her sanity intact every day. But as she dedicated herself to Ellie’s tedious treatments, things started looking up for both of them!

Amber was by Ellie’s side through life saving surgeries and painful, sleepless nights. When Ellie eventually recovered, she embraced her rescuer with the greatest love! With her endearing presence and faithful support, she made Amber’s sobriety journey way more bearable. Even on the bleakest days, Amber never lost hope because Ellie reminded her to keep it together!

Amber shared Ellie’s story to celebrate 5 years of sobriety, for she knows Ellie has been the biggest facilitator of her success and happiness! After pushing each other to survive their darkest moments, the duo is now living the best life together – and we couldn’t be happier for them!

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