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My skin develops painful bruises and started with a pimple on my lip aged 13 – but doctors still don’t know what my condition is

Nancy Morel, 18, of Milton Keynes, has described how a seemingly harmless pimple on her lip at the age of 13 caused the skin on her face to grow excruciating internal bruising.

The Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, student’s worrisome condition is still incurable, confounding NHS doctors.

According to DailyMail, the social media personality began exhibiting symptoms at the age of 13 while still in school, and doctors initially suspected an Ibuprofen reaction.

She has spent the previous five years going to hospitals and doctors’ offices; she was given the incorrect diagnosis of urticarial vasculitis; she underwent numerous skin biopsies; and she was given steroid injections, but her health has not improved.

Nancy stopped going to the hospital because she thought they couldn’t assist her and is now worried that her condition might just be something she has to put up with.

Nancy had no underlying medical ailments, and she never experienced skin issues other than the occasional pimple that affects all teenagers.

She claimed: “All of my skin issues began when I was thirteen, but before that, I had no prior medical illnesses, so it was a great shock. My twin sister, who doesn’t have any skin issues, has never had the same thing happen to her.

The school nurse informed me that I was allergic to ibuprofen when, while I was attending class, my lip suddenly began to swell up.

They mistook my non-usage of Ibuprofen in school for its use, and because of their reaction, they did not believe me.

The swelling persisted and a bruise emerged on my lip for a few days after they took me to the hospital and assured me it wasn’t an allergic reaction. They advised me to go home and watch it.

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“After that initial reaction, it spread to my legs, feet, stomach, and face, and now it’s pretty much all over me most of the time,” the patient said.

Nancy has the ability to stop flare-ups in their tracks. However, there isn’t much she can do to stop them or to help control the discomfort as she starts to feel queasy, and lightheaded, and her face starts hurting.

“It hurts so bad,” I said, referring to the various areas of my skin. My face definitely feels the worst.

“The sharp stabbing pain coupled with a throbbing bruising pain at the same time when you are at the end of having pins and needles is the best way I can describe the pain,” the patient said.

It is a wonderful sensation at the moment but it doesn’t make the actual symptoms any better, she added. “I will also put ice packs on it sometimes if the burning is really bad, but it doesn’t make the bruising go away.”

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