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Migrant Woman Arrested for Slapping NYPD Cop with ‘Open Hand’ During Attempt to Confiscate Her Unregistered Motorbike

Baibaia Rodriguez Slapping NYPD Cop
Photo: (New York Post screenshot)

Baibaia Rodriguez, a 20-year-old migrant woman, was arrested this week following an incident where she allegedly slapped an NYPD officer. The confrontation occurred during the NYPD’s operation to seize unregistered motorbikes near a Manhattan asylum-seekers shelter.

Footage of the incident, which took place at West 71st Street and Broadway on the Upper West Side, was shared by the New York Post. It depicts a tense scenario as officers engage with a group near the Stratford Arms Hotel, currently serving as a shelter for migrants.

An officer can be overheard cautioning the crowd to “Get back!” before he proceeds to push a man towards the sidewalk, warning him of potential arrest. Amid the chaos, Rodriguez reportedly slapped an officer and was subsequently taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. She faces charges of resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration, and harassment.

Interestingly, this isn’t Rodriguez’s first brush with the law. She was previously apprehended in July, accused of assaulting her boyfriend in a Bronx residence. Currently, she resides at the Stratford Arms, as noted by the police.

The Stratford Arms has recently been under scrutiny, with neighbors, including Joe Germanotta, pop star Lady Gaga’s father, voicing their concerns to city authorities. Many are disturbed by the apparent surge in litter, drug activity, and public disturbances they attribute to the shelter’s occupants.

Elaborating on the situation, Joe Germanotta, 66, said last month, “The real issue arises at night. There’s consistent noise from 10 p.m. until the early hours of the morning. The sounds of music blaring and the revving of motocross and motorbikes are particularly disruptive.”

In light of such grievances, the NYPD confirmed their operation to confiscate unregistered vehicles was in response to “community complaints.” The crackdown resulted in the seizure of four mopeds, one motorcycle, one scooter, and nine bicycles found illegally chained to a pole, as reported by West Side Rag.

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