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What Do You See First? It Will Determine Your Personality!

Personality tests are interesting as well as fun to take part in. There are a lot of ways to get your personality tested. Myers-Briggs personality test, trademark personality test, etc. are some of the popular personality tests. Did you ever think that your vision of seeing a particular thing can define your personality? If not, then here’s your chance.

Optical illusion tests are one of the best ways to figure out what sort of personality an individual has. To be more precise, an optical illusion is an illusion that is caused when wires in the brain cross each other. Our brain is a hub of information. All sorts of messages and signals in our bodies are processed through our brains.

In short, the brain is the control unit of the human body. When it comes to visualizing something, our eyes send signals to the brain. There the brain processes all bits of information and this is how we are able to understand what we are seeing. But not every time the data processed can be correct. Sometimes when there is a number of information being processed in our brain, it prioritizes the one that we think is most important to us.

In simple language, we may call it a brain teaser or a mind game. Henceforth, at that time our eyes visualize those things which we feel are important to us. Given below is an image that will help you figure out your personality. Here’s your chance to know yourself even better. Shed light on your psyche and give yourself a try.

A Woman 

If the first thing that came to your mind after seeing this picture is a woman, then you are a very charitable person. Your goal is to make this world a better place and improve humanity. Serving mankind is one of your primary tasks. You are a really kind-hearted person. Moreover, your personal needs and wants are unimportant to you in comparison to other people.

Although, not all people take this attitude of yours in a very positive manner. Some people mistake your attitude for arrogance and abuse. Your personality to most people turns out to be unmannerly and arrogant. But, regardless of what people think of you, you are a true visionary. You believe in making your own way and not caring about what people say about you.


If you saw a picture of trees, you are an individual of character. Commitment is something that really matters to you. You know your limits and you never promise anything that you can’t do. As an individual, you are very faithful to whom you are committing and what you are committing. Moreover, you really care about the people who are around you and your loved ones. In fact, you are an inspiration to a lot of people.

Apart from all this, you are one heck of a positive person and spread positivity wherever you go. People gather around you because you are there whenever somebody needs you. You are the first person people seek when they need help. Probably, you are a good advisor. Surprisingly, you bring colors to the lives of many people. Without you, many people’s lives would be very dull.

Three Heads

If the first thing you saw in this picture is an image of three heads, then you are a very introverted individual. You are only interested in things that excite you. People or things of your vibe only attracts you. Knowledge and power are your weapons. Probably, you believe that if you have the knowledge, then you have everything. Observing and learning new things is something that you always crave for.

You are an individual full of hope. Though you are an introvert, you love to explore life around you. Moreover, you are living the best of your life and making the most out of it. You don’t interact with humans much, but nature takes all your heart. Wandering and exploring nature, be it flora or fauna; you love doing that. Basically, the motto of your life is to live in a carefree manner. As an individual, you are very calm and expect the world to be kind to you too.

Heads in Tree Vegetation and Trunk 

If you observed heads in the tree vegetation and in the trunk, then most probably you are a singular person. Due to this reason, sometimes people misunderstand you. However, when it comes to establishing close relationships with people; you are not very good at it. This attitude of yours is taken in a negative manner most of the time. Creativity is your primary characteristic. You are a very creative individual.

Sometimes, you develop introverted features. You prefer your own space when you are working on your ideas. Psychologically, you are a very calm person and believe in organizing life in your own way. There are a lot of innovative ideas in your mind that just need to be ignited by the fire of opportunity. Moreover, you are a very emotional sort of an individual. You perceive in your heart and skin what other people cannot. As a human being, you make a notable difference in the world. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed by your own personality. But, always remember that you are unique in your own way.


Hopefully, the above-written criteria may have helped you in knowing yourself even better. Now that you know what kind of an individual you are, you must explore life in your own way. Cherish your individuality and live the most of your life. It is true that everyone is different and unique in their own way.

No one is as same as you are and that is the best thing. This is the reason why such personality tests are much needed. To know yourself better and enhance yourself, is the prime motive of such personality tests. We hope that you enjoyed this unique short personality test of optical illusion.

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