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Horror moment man shows cops his ‘grandad’s severed ears’ before confessing to killing

A man from Florida allegedly showed police his grandad’s severed ears before confessing to beating him over the head with a baseball bat and stabbing him to death.about:blank

Kolby Allen Parker, 30, claimed that he had been “defending himself”, but that the situation “got out of control” with Ronal Wells Sr, 70.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call in Lake Country Florida which was confirmed to be from Parker. Fox 35 reported that he said in the call: “I’d like to report an incident here. I had a Vietnam veteran attack me, and I had to defend myself. It just got out of control.”

But when deputies arrived at the scene, things took a turn for the worse.

Officers began questioning Parker about the whereabouts of his family when he nonchalantly reached into his pocket and took out something bloody.

Disturbing body cam footage records one officer saying “What is that?” before another horrified officer said: “Those are ears.”

Parker then reportedly asked one of the officers “Can I see your gun bro?”, before lunging forward to attack the deputies.

It took five cops and a taser to subdue Parker.

A recording of the 911 call revealed that Parker told the operator: “We were smoking a bowl of pot on the table. We were just sitting here talking.

“And all of a sudden he grabbed a hold of the knife, tried to swing at me and I had to defend myself. And now he’s sitting here dead.”

He later confessed to killing Wells because he wanted him to be with his deceased grandmother, the Daily Commercial reported.

A subsequent investigation found a butcher knife and bloodied baseball bat in the house the two men had shared.

Parker was held without bond at the Lake County Jail, and has subsequently been charged with second-degree murder, battery on a police officer, and resisting with violence.

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