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Top 4 Garden Remodeling Trends To Follow In 2017

garden renovation

With summer approaching its time to bring life back into your backyard, but the question arises, how? Redesigning a garden is not an easy task. From layout, landscaping to furniture and plantation, there are so many variables that need to be factored in. Thankfully, garden décor specialists, Oeco have come up with these 5 great ideas to make your garden lively and upbeat again at fractional cost and effort.

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Garden Remodeling Trends

Natural Landscape

If you have some space to spare in your garden, put it to proper use. There is a so much that you can play around with; creating a sophisticated yet natural landscape on a budget is now easier than ever. Adding flower beds, high and lows, will give a pleasant relaxing effect for the whole family. You should always leave some space for garden furniture and that can also be used for multiple gatherings and occasions.

Clever Use of Colour

Oeco recommends to ditch sober and subtle for 2017 and go with bright shades. You can mix and match; a pop of colour on a bed of green will highlight your plantation. Also, don’t leave out the garden wall unattended. Use framing techniques on plants next to garden wall. Simply, splash different areas of wall with bright solid colours and place contrasting plants in front. Voila, a living painting right in your backyard! For adding splashes of colour on green grass bed, use Gloriosa Daisy. Its bright yellow to orange tint will make it stand out naturally and will also attract loads of butterflies. If you get lucky, a few humming birds might stop by as well. For fragrance, Peony can be used along with Daisy. They don’t require much maintenance and are pleasant to the senses.

Garden Furniture

Considering the wealth of information available regarding furniture ideas for your garden, you can let yourself loose here, but experts recommend going with natural DIY (Do It Yourself) look. It will not only save ton of cash, but will also add a natural look to your backyard. Additionally, if you have old ladder or busted furniture lying around, you can use them as your living canvas. Put plants on, in or over them; wherever you can stuff any miniature plant. These can become centerpieces of your garden. You can either place them next to furniture or in front of contrasting wall.

Garden Lighting and Décor

Since going with the natural look is the trend to follow this season, you should ditch fancy LEDs and go with traditional yellow lighting. However, don’t go overboard with lighting. Position light posts strategically to highlight your contrasting plants next to walls, old furniture and pathway. For garden décor, you can add wooden furniture along with similar old school table or even go for a tree log as table. You can add in smaller cracked log lamps, instead of lamp posts, to keep the same theme flowing. Finally, you can use rope light on or around centre table, preferably on your central plant/ tree and even on pathway. These will add the glimmer effect of stars to your garden.

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