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5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table DecoratedThanksgiving Day brings in celebrations with your family and friends to your home. To welcome your guests with elegance and feast is your foremost desire; moreover you wish they like your efforts. Setting a thanksgiving table in a beautiful and creative way could be fun and it will make the dinner memorable and your guests will leave pleased. So here are some simple and creative yet splendid ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving Table and you can manage doing the decoration in the nick of time:

Frugal Thanksgiving Table Runner

First of all you need to cover your table with an elegant table runner for your Thanksgiving meal. You can think of a charming color scheme and follow it in all things you need to decorate the table. This will add an extra pinch of aroma to your efforts. To make it simple and inexpensive, get plain or patterned autumn cloths matching to the color scheme from a discount fabric store. Place the large cloth on the table and fold both the edges in then attach it with the fabric tape, you don’t need to sew it. Now place your centerpiece along the table runner. You can get table napkins of the same color as of the table cloth or table runner.

Creative Seasonal Centerpiece

You can create your own beautiful centerpiece by using colorful fruits and vegetables that are available in the season. Take a medium wooden basket or simply a glass bowl and collect some fall leaves in the shades of red, orange, rust and yellow from the yard or from the streets nearby and arrange them inside the basket. You can place them on one side of the basket or fill in like a bed of leaves or arrange them in your own creative way. Now you can place wild corns, pinecones, mini-pumpkins, large chestnuts, apples, acorns and flowers on the bed of leaves. You can also place medium sized glasses filled with small chestnuts, berries and lemons or artificial tiny pumpkins and squashes in your centerpiece. This wonderful centerpiece inspired by nature will add charm to your Thanksgiving table.

Alluring Candles

Light up your Thanksgiving table with simple white candles placed in glasses, apples or mini-pumpkins. Wine-glasses filled half-way with crushed dry autumn leaves can be used for adding candles to your centerpiece or simply arranging glass candles in the middle of the table. Another frugal idea would be to cut top of the apples or pumpkins and carefully remove the seeds inside to make room for placing a candle. Take care not to puncture the fruit. Moreover, chose one out of apples, glasses or pumpkins in coordination with your color scheme to create harmony. You can also dress candles with tiny autumn leaves wrapped with ribbon or rope. Placing candles will add texture and warmth to your Thanksgiving.

Make Your Own Napkin Rings

Buying napkin rings in harmony with your color scheme can be time consuming and expensive. So, you can try making some simple napkin rings that will add charm to your Thanksgiving table. Purchase ribbon matching to the table cloth or table runner, cut it into 10-12 inches pieces, wrap and tie the ribbon around the napkin and glue a small autumn leave. Attaching tiny handmade place cards or pictures of family members and guests to natural fiber rope tied around the napkin adds alluring effect.

Don’t Spare the Chair

To make the décor more interesting adorn the chairs. Firstly, take some bare stems, long and short, autumn leaves with stems and turkey feathers, tie up in a bunch with a wide ribbon. Glue tiny pumpkins and squashes in the bow and attach this bow to the back of the chair Try these simple yet elegant ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving table and make this festive a special and memorable one.

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